You should check out these folks out, most of whom I play with regularly.

Kristyn Harris

Kristyn is a fantastic vocalist, songwriter, and guitar player who specializes in traditional and contemporary cowboy music and western swing, which just happens to be the official state music of Texas!

Dave Washburn

Dave Washburn's Three Quarters Fast Jazz Band is a fantastic New Orleans/Trad Jazz band, and we'll throw in some Sinatra and rock & roll while we're at it.

Miracle Ticket

Miracle Ticket is a Grateful Dead cover band that also covers a plethora of songs from other artists that the Dead themselves would cover. Shows loosely follow the structure of any typical Dead show from a mixture of eras of the band, while also incorporating some alternate arrangements, creative setlists, and a few original songs. Throw in a focus on exploratory collective improvisation in both the usual and unusual places, and the result is a truly unique concert experience that’s sure to keep everybody “dancin’ in a ring around the sun!”