Below you will find some videos and audio recordings of various things I have done.

I co-wrote a song with Jan Ryberg (middle) and Noah Eckstein (right). Watch to the end for a good blooper.

Kristyn Harris was kind enough to let me sit in for her second set at the House of Blues Dallas Restaurant, and I sang this song while she executed an emergency string change in the background.

This video is of me and Jan Ryberg playing Flamencool, an original composition by Jan.

"Hotel California" is a classic, and I think this is a cool arrangement (totally unbiased opinion).

Lately I have been recording some songs and posting them on SoundCloud. You can find all of the music I've posted at

This is the latest song that I have recorded. "I'll See You in My Dreams" is wonderful song, and I really enjoy playing it.

"Steelin' Home" is another really fun song. It's a great song to jam out on, especially if there are a lot of musicians to trade off with.

This is a recording of the classic Beatles song "Come Together" that I was fortunate enough to be able to take part in. You'll hear me on bass and lead guitar.

This is the first song I recorded with REAPER (the Digital Audio Workstation I use). It was really just a simple demo to learn the software, so I wasn't paying as much attention to absolute quality. This was recorded at about 1:00am, so I didn't get my steel guitar and amp out to record with.